Thursday, February 4, 2010

Industrial Average hits 10K, as I predicted

It was going to happen. With tomorrows unemployment rate announcement and the government spending exponentially, the market made its message. But will the government listen? Heck, they cannot even listen to the public with 'health care reform'. I do not expect any major gains if there is a surprise in the unemployment rate, but I think it will stay the same.

I caught "Stossel" on Fox Business before. What a great show. I know John from 20/20 and he seems very likeable. Tonights show debukes the mantra of "things are getting worse", when they are getting better. Incomes for the rich and poor have increased over 30 years, teen pregnancy is on the decline, violence is on the decline, more people have cell phones than ever before, and health care in America IS one of the best.

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