Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Care Reform or Health Insurance Reform?

Which is it? Because all of a sudden its health insurance reform, which is completly different. Before its cutting doctor/patient fraud, lowering costs for doctors/hospitals so they can pass that savings onto the patient. Before it was expanding Medicaid. Now, it seems like a certain political party wants to demonize health insurance companies because they make money and are successful. They want to force people to get into the pool of insureds or pay a penalty, they want to guarantee issue.

Lets not get off track here. Our health insurance system, if you are talking about employer based, is whacked. Thats why individual insurance is the answer. It is essentially an association plan, but is individually underwritten. Individual health insurance is great and yes, there are caveats to each company, but that is called "having choices". I, for instance, can choose which insurance company would be the best fit for you. Underwriting guidelines vary and should be loosened up. Health Savings Accounts are another win-win. Anybody, regardless of income bracket wins. Under an employer based system, a major claim by a couple individuals ruin it for everybody else, can you say sky-high premium raise? And if employers cannot afford it, than either he will switch to a lower benefit plan or scrap it all together.

So, ultimately, health care reform should be the simple reduction of fraud, possible expansion of medicaid, and lets get our doctors/hostpitals some credit and help them out. They are on the front lines of care. Medical malpractice needs to be corraled.

Health insurance is mainly designed to help in the event of a major medical event. If all we are worrying about is a $25 copay for a doctors visit or making sure Johnny can walk into a doctors office and pay cash for his visit, then our politicians really need to explain why they need to be put back in office.

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