Friday, February 12, 2010

Individual Insurance vs. Employer Based Health Insurance

There are a few differences, but it is vital to understand the importance of each. Employer based is mostly guaranteed issue, which means if you are 'sick', you can get coverage. Another point is that its benefit limits are not as high as opposed to individual. Therefore, its premiums tend to be lower than individual. Counterpoint, since its guaranteed issue and if several people in the 'pool' use its benefits, ie. go to the doctor or emergency room for every problem, the pool has to buy water. Up goes the premium, or worse yet, your coverage gets lowered or dropped. Most small businesses nowadays have limited benefits for their 'medical benefits'. It could be fine, but you do get what you pay for.

Now, there are some instances where employer based coverage is good. Maternity benefits are great. Maternity is usually ridered in a co-pay individual plan.

Individual health insurance, and even life insurance for that matter, is YOURS regardless of job situation. True major medical health insurance has lifetime benefits of $3+Million or more, tends to cost less with more benefits. When paired with a Health Savings Account, individual insurance can be a good savings vehicle.

Annual renewal periods are a great time to have your individual health insurance evaluated and as you know, events and things change throughout the year. During that time, we can find the right health plan for you.

Premium increases tend to be more secure with individual health insurance. And, the free market helps to bring in new companies and with that, comes competition; Lower premiums, expanded benefits, better, visible underwriting, and customer satisfaction make individual health insurance the solution to the worlds problem. Really.

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