Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July, our Independence Day

Its a good idea to re-read, and I do mean re-read because you all should have read it before, the Constitution. It has some interesting tidbits and facts that all Americans should be familiar with. Among some that interest me are the following:

1. "We The People" indicates that the government is FOR the people. In other words, if the people are against a proposal, then the government is NOT doing its job and therefore the responsible parties shoul be impeached no questions asked. Remember the HealthCare Reform Act that passed? A majority of Americans DID NOT WANT IT PASSED. But, for some reason, certain politicians wanted to make history or to punish insurance companies or scold the private sector for political gain. Im sure there are other instances, but this is the most recent.

2. House of Representative candidates must be 25 years old, Senate candidates must be 30. Hey, I'm 30, maybe I will start running. Nah, I'm too honest.

3. The Oath of Office indicates that the incoming President has to preserve, protect, and DEFEND the constitution. See #1

4. There is a "No Religious Test Clause" in Article Six. That means that there is no
'religious test' during an oath or affirmation. In other words, to hold a position in a governement office, you DO NOT have to be a Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. to be affirmed. What this means is that you don't have to adhere to a certain religious belief. Ok, now two things. One, you can say that the United States cannot be a 'Christian State' as some people think. How can it be? Because of several mentions of 'God'? 'God' has a universal meaning and the name 'God' is not mentioned in the Constitution. Second, there are some people who believe our current President is Muslim. Well, he could very well be, but it does not matter as we are not looking for a certain belief. Now, there were some state constitutions that prohibited atheists from holding office (Arkansas, Maryland, Mass., North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas)but in 1961 that was unenforcable due to the 'religious test clause'. Plus the 1st Amendment PROHIBITS Congress from establishing a religion.

5. The 22nd Amendment prohibits the President to two terms, why not Senators and Represntatives?

6. I was researching the Constitution and I came across a Wiki entry for Constitution Day and strangely enough, was enacted by the late Senator, Robery Byrd. Previously, it was called Citizenship day, but he amended the 2004 Omnibus Spending Bill and changed the name to Constitution Day. All federally funded educational institutions can provide educational programming about the Constitution. Thought that was interesting.

I think as a nation, we need to re-evaluate ourselves and we cannot let our 'trusted polititians' run amok and NOT represent us. Government has to do its job.

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