Monday, March 22, 2010

Risky, Safe, Safest

Lets play a game called Risky, Safe, Safest.

Risky accounts, or brokerage accounts contain stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds. There is no guarantee of principal or interest. They are not insured, are not protected from lawsuits, and the rate of return????

Safe accounts, or bank accounts contain CD's, money market accounts and/or savings accounts. There is a guarantee of principal and interest, is FDIC insured, is not protected from lawsuits and the rate of return is low.

Safest accounts, or insurance accounts contain annuities both indexed, fixed, and variable. There is guarantee of principal and interest, is federally regulated, is protected from Florida lawsuits and the rate of return is low to medium.

What is best? There is no answer, but its best to start from safest to risky.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets bring home our troops!

I'm going to be clear; I fully support what our country did in the months after 9/11 up to this point. I feel we did the best we could and we could have done a more powerful 'shock and awe'. However, we did what we intended to do in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. I hope we capture Osama. Are we a safer country now? Yes, however we need to deal with our own terror in the West. Mexican drug lords have been terrorizing border states for years and our own criminals need harsher penalties and sentences. While our crime rates have dropped in certain areas, we need better policing. What I'm trying to get at is this: we need our armed forces home. They need to be rested, trained, and the United States needs to focus on OUR terrorism. We can establish bases in foreign lands but for the most part, all of our troops need to come home.

Tragedy happens everyday. But after 10 years of hearing of suicide car bombs killing people, it gets redundant. The Middle East will always fight. Various sects of Islam will clash with each other. Tribes will only listen to their tribal elders. That's how they live. I'm tired of hearing of Iraq/Pakistan/Iran/stan this stan that on the news. Enough. Do we need to keep an eye of things over there? Yes of course. But if anything is even close to happening, we have some pretty quick planes that can get over there with in hours and drop bombs.

One more year. Lets get things done in Afghanistan, lets get Osama, and lets come home and clean up America. Its just time.